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"You can start with nothing and build value. This is the typical American dream."

- Darrell S. Freeman, Sr., Nashville Entrepreneur and Speaker

A sample of topics Darrell discusses

As a businessman with diverse experiences ranging from piloting his own planes to swimming the open waters of Hawaii, Darrell has a dynamic speaking style that reaches audiences across the nation. Check out a few of his areas of expertise below.


Darrell’s candid delivery style and his compelling personal story are always a hit when he speaks at our university. He has a sincere interest in the well-being of his community, and his philanthropic spirit is contagious when shared with his audiences.

Darrell’s awe-inspiring personal journey and his open, honest and dynamic speaking style have motivated and inspired our audiences for years. Whenever we are fortunate enough to have him speak to our organization of small business owners, it is always a fantastic message.

Jozelle Luster Booker

We invited Darrell to give a talk to our team of bankers, and we couldn’t have selected a better speaker. He provides impactful insight on industry-specific topics as well as gives general business advice for any professional. His extensive entrepreneurial experience makes him uniquely positioned to inspire others to strive for success and excellence in leadership. Darrell is a speaker that I highly recommend!

DeVan Ard